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Blues And Gospel 1890-1943 4th Edition Amendments

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Hi, all.

Do we have any members who would be interested in corrections/clarifications to Blues & Gospel Records 1890-1943, 4th ed.?

I keep a running list that I periodically submit to Howard Rye, one of the compilers ot this standard reference discography.? Some corrections/clarifications are based on my own meager 78 rpm blues collection.? Most are based on label photos/scans I find online, including ebay auction photos/scans.

So far the list is just over 150 corrections/comments/clarifications.? I'll be happy to post them (and update them periodically) if there's interest -- either as an .rtf attachment (or Excel, if more usable) or as inline text in a subsequent post.

On the other hand, if it's not going to benefit anyone, no need to post it at all.

You must be very keen ;) but yes, I would certainly be interested to see what you have found. I can't pretend G&D is bedtime reading but it certainly is very handy on occassion .

Maybe  an .rtf format might be the best as it's universal?

uncle bud:
I'd do it as inline text in a message unless there's a lot of formatting. And while it might be obscure, I think it's a good reference to have out there. Why not, I say?

Thanks to Richard and Uncle Bud for their input.

Replying to another thread, I discovered there is a 12000 character limit to text in post.  The correction file appears to be over 60,000 characters.  So it's either break it up into smaller segments (perhaps pages 1-100, 101-200, etc.) or posting as an attachment. 

An .rtf attachment seems unlikely (haven't actually tried it yet), since the attachment section clearly says "Allowed file types: txt, jpg, gif, pdf, mpg, png, mp3, zip, tef, xls, csv" and rtf isn's on that list of supported file types.  So if I do it as an attachment, the only logical choices I see are tst or xls.  Converting to a txt file will require some reformating where I've centered something or used tabs; and in addition to probably not being usable by many memers, the xls format presents technical limitations since many of the corrections have text too long to fit in an Excel cell -- 240 chars max if memory serves me correctly.

Any thoughts on segmented text postings vs. one text file attachment.

uncle bud:
Slack's internet access is currently down. Let's wait for him to chime in. But yes, 60,000 is probably best done by attachment...


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