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Two Weenies seen in one room - CB breaks out


I got to visit with Frank, Kim and their two great kids, last night. Couldn't tear myself away until about 2 AM, on a school night even. Frank, you are incorrigible! We shouldn't have brought up Leadbelly when I was trying to leave the second time at about 1. Frank gave me some pointers on my approach to Back Door Blues and he and Kim played a bunch of guitar/fiddle duets, including the Baxter Bros' Second 'Bama Long Blues (which took me back to JohnM and Cleoma/Suzy's class). Really great stuff, Frank, your right hand attack really blows me away. Now I know some of your inspiration. Oh, and we put in a call to Ari, to get the right proportions for Turkish Tea, so I said "Hey" from all the Weenies. He's diggin' the Juke.
In light of the recent "I am an Island of CB" thread it really made me see how important the Weenie Community is. I would have never met Frank otherwise. Or the rest of you guys, for that matter.
All for now.
John C.

Nice to see you, John, and I'm glad you could find time to drop by.  Gotta be careful about certain conversation topics around me...  Leadbelly and Blind Lemon are sure to get me going!


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