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Hope some of you bay arean Weenies can make it out to what is essentially my first two set gig. I'll be playing, solo, this Monday, the 18th at The Odeon Bar. Sure, I'll be playin' lots of stuff you heard me play at PT, but I've practiced a lot since then, honest. Of course, I'll be performing with several sweet old guitars. The best way to get there is to take 101 to the Cesar Chavez exit, take Chavez west to Mission, turn left on Mission (which you can do now) and the Odeon is on the left just after the second light, which is where Valencia merges in from the right.
What guitars you are wondering? OK.
1920ish Stella concert
1920ish Sovereign grand concert 12
1930 National Style O
1967 Martin D-18S
Hope to see you there as it's pretty much just friends and family on Monday nights. No cover, so bring a date. I'll really appreciate your support and I look forward to reminiscing about life in the Bricks.
All for now.
John C.
Now I've got a lot of restringing to do!

Knock 'em dead, John, and have a great time!

Barbeque John:

Best of luck. I'm sure you'll be great.


Break a leg John!  Wish I were in the Bay area to drop by.

(2 sets - very impressive, I don't think my memory is that long!)


uncle bud:

--- Quote from: Slack on October 14, 2004, 08:29:03 PM ---(2 sets - very impressive, I don't think my memory is that long!)

--- End quote ---

Yeah, but they're 15 minute sets...

Kidding!  ;D  You were sounding just great at PT, John, so I'm sure it will be a fine evening of country blues. Way to get out there doing it. Have a blast!


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