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Joe Bussard CD from Old Hat


uncle bud:
Forwarding this from the prewar list.  see below.
Also for reading pleasure, something that was posted on the weenie list long ago I believe. Fun article about Joe.

and something else:

Down In The Basement: Joe Bussard's Treasure Trove Of Vintage 78s 1926-1937
(Old Hat CD 1004)

Release date: June 17, 2003

24 Rare Gems From The King Of Record Collectors - String Bands, Blues,
Jazz, Country, Cajun, Gospel

Profusely illustrated, 72 page full color booklet includes biographical
essay, fully annotated discography, and firsthand accounts of Joe's record collecting adventures. 72 minutes of digitally remastered music.

1. The Lost Child - Stripling Brothers

2. How You Want It Done? - Big Bill

3. The (New) Call Of The Freaks - Luis Russell & His Orchestra

4. The School House Fire - Dixon Brothers

5. Greenback Dollar - Weems String Band

6. You Got To Go Down - Blind Gary

7. The Old Ark's A'Moving - A.A. Gray And Seven-Foot Dilly

8. Runnin' Wild - James Cole's Washboard Four

9. Keep It Clean - Charley Jordan

10. Get The "L" On Down The Road - Bill Johnson's Louisiana Jug Band

11. I Got A Bulldog - Sweet Brothers & Ernest Stoneman

12. Old Hen Cackle - Coleman & Harper

13. Song From A Cotton Field - Bessie Brown

14. Atlanta Bound - Gene Autry

15. Easy Rider Blues - Soileau And Robin

16. Hot Lips - Bill Brown And His Brownies

17. Uncle Dave's Beloved Solo - Uncle Dave Macon

18. Hastings Street - Blind Blake And Charlie Spand

19. Ain't That Trouble In Mind - Fields Ward & The Grayson County

20. Give The World A Smile - The Corley Family

21. Original Stack O'Lee Blues - Long Cleve Reed And Little Harvey Hull
Home Boys)

22. Hot Town - Fess Williams And His Royal Flush Orchestra

23. Paddlin' Blues - Gitfiddle Jim

24. Plow Boy Hop - Grinnell Giggers

Old Hat Enterprises
PO Box 10309
Raleigh NC 27605


Looks like a fun record!

Would be great to get Joe Bussard to Port Townsend, eh? ;D

Seeing all this talk of Joe Bussard reminds me of my very early days of interest in this music, when I sent away for the first John Hurt Piedmont album.  At that time or soon after I remember the other items in the Piedmont catalog were a rediscovery album of Robert Wilkins, an album called "Kings of the Twelve String guitar" featuring Barbecue Bob and others, and "Jolly Joe and His Jug Band", which I believe was Joe Bussard and some friends of his (Bob Colter?).  I remember looking at the cover at that time and thinking, "Wow, they look old and pretty scruffy".  When you're twelve or thirteen, everybody seems old.  Talk about a collector's item--at this point, I reckon it would be an awfully hard disc to find.  I never owned the record and only think I ever saw it once or twice.  It's getting to be a long time ago.


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