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61 Highway

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This is my take on Guy Davis's take on Fred McDowell's "61 Highway," that Guy released as "Loneliest Road That I Know." He also taught the tune @ PT.

The incredible Mr. Gary Gouker on harmonica!!!

Thanks to John Cowan for the MP3 conversion help!!! Thanks again John!


Okay... let me try to attach the file one more time....

uncle bud:
Nice job Lee. Sounds like you got yourself a little recording studio there! Some fine harp playing from Gary too. Yow!  O0

Nice job, Lee!  I like the way you kept the tempo reined in - nice easy pace.  A real clean recording, too!

Thanks for the feedback! Gary's the one who shines on this piece. I was able to fight the tempo deamons on this tune for once! (8^)



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