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Managed to record this quickly before starting bath.  It's actually Furry Lewis' Black Gypsy Blues.  I can get into the reasons I changed the lyrics later if anybody's interested...  most things about it are pretty rough - if you have the courage to d/l, you'll get your USRDA of vitamin C (clam), I promise.  The vocal just started coming together yesterday.  I'm trying to be fluid about the form of the song, but I feel like I'm pretty stiff sounding, overall.  I guess it'll get better if I keep playing it for the next two or three, six or seven...  years!

Just hope you didn;t get your guitar wet.   :P

Sounds terrific Frank, you are right - the few rough edges (very few in my book) will be taken care of by continuing to play it.  I'll have to go back and listen to the orginal to know what you mean about the word changes, anyway nice job! (always interesting to hear these pieces done with much improved audio - even at 22 or 32K smapling rate).


Listening back, most of the lyric changes were largely unintentional (doh!) except for the title and first line of the opening verse.

I gotta say...  these seasonal bunny emoticons are pretty scary.  Especially the afro-bunny!

 ;D   O0

uncle bud:
Fluid is certainly the key word with Furry, isn't it. He's so damn fluid you need a mop. Makes figuring stuff out a lot trickier than it initially sounds, IMO. This is one of his trickier tunes and you've certainly got it.

Now I must try out one of the bunnies:  8)


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