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Stefan Wirz:
... found it a bit inappropriate that Pink Anderson has a discography while Floyd Council hasn't !
Didnt they both have their share in "Pink Floyd" taking place ?!?  >:D

Thanks, Stefan.  I hadn't realized that Floyd was rediscovered and recorded after World War II.

Bunker Hill:

--- Quote from: dj on May 14, 2006, 05:38:50 AM ---Thanks, Stefan.  I hadn't realized that Floyd was rediscovered and recorded after World War II.
--- End quote ---
Yes, Bastin & Lowry reported in Blues Unlimited 69 (Jan 1970) that Willie Trice pointed them in Council's direction and in the following issue described tracking him down in Sandford, 30 miles south of Durham. He wasn't in good shape having suffered a stroke six years previous which had affected his speech and mobility.

Bunker Hill:
Here's part of the Bastin/Lowry report on Council in BU70 (Feb-Mar 1970):

Tracing Floyd Council's address through the telephone book proved a good deal more more simple than finding out where the street was. I had been told over the phone that Floyd had recently come out of hospital and was in no position to talk to anyone, but finally Floyd got to the phone, and seemed willing for us to come by, though he certainly sounded unwell. When we eventually rounded the corner, he was sitting out waiting on his porch and waved cheerily as we pulled up outside.
Floyd has been unwell for about 6 years, and recently had a stroke, which has partially paralized his throat muscles and made his movements lethargic. Despite the difficulty he often had in communicating, he seemed quite clear in his mind and probably rather glad that someone was bothered enough to come by and talk with him about old days.
While it seems almost certain he will never sing again, there is a remote possibility that if the results of the stroke wear off, he could play again.

[As Stefan's discography shows, that "remote possibility" took place six months after the piece was published - BH]

It's heartbreaking that a stroke laid him so low. By any reckoning, he had a lot to offer.


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