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Mike Shipman:
Hi Euroweeners,
I?m sat here convalescing after my knee replacement op (which went well thank you), playing a little slidey guitar along with the regular and the mando (you will be pleased to hear that the ban*oes are in their cases stored in another room).
Anyway, I was just wondering how all you Weenie folk were and what you were up to?, I had a nice long telephone chat with Parlor Picker (Michael Prince) yesterday, and. I see Pete Gabony regularly as we do Rezzonators gigs and stuff (btw we finally got our cd sorted and produced), and I get to see Bob Long and Lorna at the monthly New Forest Acoustic Blues sessions, but how are all the rest of you peoples?
So what other relevant news from me...
* finally got the record deck set up and gathered together all my vinyl from different parts of the house, sounds very nice!
* along with Pete involved in a 5pc bluegrass band playing lap steel
* keep lusting after a National Style O even though my Michael Messer Blues 28 is sounding top notch at the moment
* need to get a pickguard on my Martin 0017 or my metal finger picks might go though the top
* taking the opportunity to revisit and refine some of the less played numbers from years gone by so they are fit for gig performance
* got to find out how to add song lyrics to ?OnSong? on my IPad
That?s about it from me, hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and hope to hear how you all are.
Cheers Mike.

Prof Scratchy:
Well, my hip replacement of a year ago went well and I can once again dance the Charleston. I now await a brain replacement, having screwed up the SOTM thread yesterday. Missed you at Euroweenie this year and, as it seems unlikely there?ll be another, let?s hope that you and sundry other Euroweenies can make it to Scotland some day!

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All ok here Mike. Glad your op went well.

I?ll give a shout next time I?m down to see my son in Lymington.

I?m now playing in a blues duo called High and Lonesome with a great local harp player and playing local folk clubs and jams etc. That and some time on the water keeps me busy.

I was sad to hear that the Euroweenie gathering was likely to end but I think that Richard has served his time putting things together since our first meet all those years ago in Guernsey.

Parlor Picker:
Yes - a gold star to Richard for all his excellent work over the years.

My thanks also to Richard! And for all of the exquisite Nationals which come my way once he tires of them...

Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep the blues alive here in the Deep South, playing solo and in my new duo The Boal Weevils.


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