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Ragtime blues ? Paris le 15 septembre

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Hi all,

I have a show coming up in a bar in Paris (France), and it occurred to me, that we might have a few french (don't know if any of them are Parisians) forum members! And some of you might even be there for tourism or other travel reasons. So here you go:

Pan Salmenhaara plays old Ragtime and Country Blues,

on Thursday, September 15.2016

at 20:30 hrs

at Onze Bar

83, rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud

75011 Paris 11e

Free entry, donations welcome.

Feel free to share!

If any of you happen to be around, drop by and say hello.  I've never been to Onze Bar, but it should be an easy going bar, with reasonable prices, from what I've gathered from the internet. The 11th arrondissement should also be kinda cool, with many restaurants and bars, I believe.

Meanwhile, I'll continue my fight against the windmills here in Berlin as well, so feel free to drop by on any of my gigs here too. If any of you have your instrument with you, you are welcome to share the stage for a song or two as well.



I wish I could make it, Pan--maybe someday, whether in Paris or Berlin!  Break a leg, as they say.
All best,

One-Eyed Ross:
I would love to see you in Berlin.  I wasn't allowed to go when I lived in Germany (Uncle Sam had a dim view of me going to Berlin back during the Cold War).  Haven't been to Germany since 81.  Need an Alt.....

Thanks guys, and hope to meet you here or anywhere some day!



Big River:
If I can add my own Paris gig just a few days after Pan's on Sunday, September 18 at Aux Petits Joueurs jazz/blues club. Check their website for more details. You will hear some low down acoustic blues and slide.
On September 15 and 17 I have gigs in Antwerp, Belgium as well. See my website for location and time. It would great to meet some Forum members there. Tell a friend. Thank you,
James Clem
Portland, Oregon


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