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Can you believe the efficiency  :o  I have actually provisionally booked ten rooms at the Webbington for the 2017 Euroweenie fandango on the 21st and 22nd April 2017 (Friday and Saturday).

The B&B room rates are the same as this year, but to clarify matters it does now say to include dinner, ergo -

Single occupancy    ?85.00 per night

Double\twin   ?110.00 per night

Now, if you are really keen there is no reason why you should not book now is there?

And, if by way of encouragement I'm guessing that next years event will be the about 10th and should be celebrated, so why don't a few of you from foreign climes or across the Atlantic splash out (ho ho ho) and come over and join us?

Mike Shipman:
Just thought I would resurrect this thread, I am planning to go again In 2017, anyone else?
Regards, Mike
Ps Michael Prince, Im still thinking about that  Weissenborn!

Good man Mike, you've reminded me as well  - have you tried booking yet?

I will check with the hotel to make sure they still have our booking for next year, unlike this year where it got lost in favour of a wedding until I had a wobbler...

As for Weissenborn, I have to admit to getting one as well, it's a lot lighter to carry about than a reso and if you do get one we could have Weissenborn owners club meet and bore everybody to death comparing string sizes et al...

Norfolk Slim:
Ill bring mine then  :)

Oh Gawd, you as well!

I just hope you know what size strings you have it on then otherwise we in owners club will have very little to talk about...


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