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EUROWEENIE 29 and 30 April 2016 - book now to avoid disappointment!

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 :) :) :)  STOP PRESS   :) :) :)

Now in my efficiency I thought I should confirm the booking for this years Euroweenie extravaganza only to be told, shock, horror, probette that there was no room at the inn due to a cock up with their booking system  :o

However, with my usual subtle tact   >:(  I pointed out that had it been a wedding and we were all getting hitched I'm sure they could have sorted something out, not of course that I particularly wanted to see The Prof in his lace bridal outfit  :-X but, then again somebody might have  ::)

SO the dates have changed, actually for the better as it means the weather might be improved   :)  I have provisionally taken 10 rooms for nights of Friday 29 and Saturday 30 April 2016 to include the use of a friction function room while we are there for those incredible performances.

As before it's the Webbington Hotel -

Tel 01934 750100

Room rates inc of VAT are -
Single occupancy Bed and Breakfast ?85
Double occupancy Bed and Breakfast ?110

You must mention WEEKEND BLUES and the dates when you book to get the rates I have agreed.

I think that's it really, doubtless there will be queries over communal meals and all that - I would suggest may be we book that for the Saturday night and then at least the festivities will start on time-ish.

It would be helpful if you mention when you have booked so I can keep a vague tally of the rooms. Finally, a witer of a not too hard quiz is required as is somebody to clean up after the dancing girls.

Parlor Picker:
Sorry to disappoint all my fans, but I won't be able to make it this year. Mrs Parlor Picker has been ill and I'd better stick around here. Somebody else had better take the photos this year.

Well that's a bit sad PP, I hope it's nothing to too onerous.  You will be missed, especially for all those solos that we couldn't stop you taking...  ;)

While I'm here I suppose should en quire if anybody out there has booked yet or intend to do so?

Prof Scratchy:
Booked. Shame PP won't be there. Hope Mrs PP gets well soon!

Not booked, but will strain every sinew (apart from those in forearms and fingers, obviously) to make the trek up the M5 with a few old Nationals for the Saturday session.


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