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Alex Knox / Ghostrider in Berlin

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Hi all,

I've just had the pleasure of meeting a fellow weenie, Alex Knox or "Ghostrider" as he's known around the forum, in person. Alex came to Berlin with his lovely wife, on a holiday, and was kind enough to invite me to an impromtu jam session at their place. I even got to try his very nice 1928 Martin 2-17!

We also later met for dinner, and a blues concert in a little bar in Neuk?lln, and the host was kind enough to let us play with their guitars, and Alex was a big success. He has a great voice, and knows how to take his audiences!

Alex is only the 2nd weenie I've met in person, after Professor Scratchy, and I hope there will be more! It was a treat to hear Alex sing and play, and to discuss the music with someone with similar interests.

Here are some pictures. His wife took some more, and maybe some videos as well, so there might be more to come.



Very cool.  Was Alex crashing your gig?  Is that a bar in Berlin?


--- Quote from: Slack on October 25, 2015, 09:44:21 AM ---Very cool.  Was Alex crashing your gig?  Is that a bar in Berlin?

--- End quote ---

Oh no! :)

I would gladly have had him as a guest on my gig, but I couldn't find one for the occasion!

Instead we went to see Chris O, a lady from Australia, singing the blues, and since there were some impromptu jam sessions going on between the sets, I managed to speak Alex to the stage. :)

And yes, this was a little bar in the Neuk?lln district, in Berlin.



That's neat that you guys were able to get together.  Alex really does have a nice voice, and he particularly shines on Frank Stokes material, which I know is a special favorite of his.
All best,

Assuming Alex was traveling light, unless he chartered a plane to bring more of his guitar collection, it's revealing that he chose the 2-17 Martin. A really tough call, but a good one IMO. Port Townsend regulars will know what I'm talking about.

I loved Berlin when I visited in the early Eighties, long before the Wall fell. It was just a long weekend, but it left me with many experiences and stories to tell, including a slightly bizarre day trip into the Eastern sector.


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