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Hi folks,
I have been playing solo acoustic blues from the 20s and 30s like most of you for some time now but never made it to Port Townsend. I perform regularly in Kansas City and surrounding areas, just got back from Memphis where i represented the Topeka Blues Society in the solo/duo challenge. Not that big a deal but just sayin' I am not a beginner.
Having retired (more or less) I am going this year.  I could really use a bit of advice. 
Whats the deal with the dorms?  I stayed at Fur Peace Rance a couple of years ago and they were just doubles cabins.  The lack of sleep really got to me.  Anyone try any option but the dorms?
Since I play both reso/slide and acoustic is it worth it to try to get one of each out there?
I can tell there is boundless enthusiasm on the board for this event.
If I could sit and talk to you all I would ask, "what is your favorite part of the week?"  and "what advice do you have for a skilled player but first time attendee?"
Thank you for any info!
Pat Nichols

Bald Melon Jefferson:
Hey Pat,
 The dorm rooms are single private rooms, although there are a few double as well.  Old military enlisted men's housing. They are off a common hallway with bathrooms an showers down the hall, as well as intimate seating areas and larger meeting halls between wings. While there are designated quiet dorms and loud dorms w/ noise curfews etc. there can still be conflict in the quiet dorms regarding the exact definition of what "quiet" is. The 2 times I attended I opted for the loud dorms and ear plugs. A lot of fun once I got over my shyness, enough sleep can be had (even better with a few midday naps)...though by the end of the week folks can be looking pretty worked-over, especially the guy looking back at me in MY mirror. I think you would be fine in a quiet dorm. The dorms also come with 3 meals a day in the mess-hall. Good meals with good choices and a great way to connect with folks. There is also camping, group housing at some of the old officers mansions lining the parade grounds and rooms in town if you have a car. I must say though judging by my 2 visits to the Weenie House last year that a group house would not be a good option if you are looking for quiet and solitude.
All the best,


--- Quote ---I must say though judging by my 2 visits to the Weenie House last year that a group house would not be a good option if you are looking for quiet and solitude.
--- End quote ---

That right there is a bit of an understatement.

You have to ask yourself, 'do you want to play, or sleep?' That's an oversimplification though, you could ask 'do you want to learn the maximum amount of new stuff during the day, or stay up all night playing?'

You can't do both, in my experience. A week is not long enough, though you find your style the first time. The first year I probably learned the most, staying in the dorms. But I wouldn't trade the experiences and friendships developed staying in the Weenie housing in years since then.

One-Eyed Ross:
Having already slept in old military barracks on multiple occasions, I'm familiar with the concept...hmm....  It's only a day trip for me from home, and one year I hope to make it.... 

Thanks for the suggestions, that experience is exactly what I was looking for.
I don't mind some noise, its another person snoring at 3:00 that gets my goat.
So the "loud" dorms are places with late night jamming?
Another question for the experienced, can you fill me in on the workshops?  How long, continuity etc.  My best experiences are to listen, record and then lean at leisure.
Is it worthwhile to have two guitars?
Thanks again to those who posted.


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