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Title: Inaccurate titles and other 3rd party mistakes
Post by: Rivers on January 01, 2008, 12:00:02 PM
Here's a collection of a) songs where the consensus is that they were clearly inaccurately titled by the record companies, and b) other errors perpetrated by the recording companies and others such as Dixon, Godrich & Ryes' biblical work Blues & Gospel Records 1890 - 1943. We can no doubt find a channel to feed typos back to DG&R for correction in the (hopefully) next edition.

It might be cool to see if one record company was more prone to this than others so I'll list the record company and year as well.

A very early one picked out from A Richer Tradition JSP box is Time Ain't Gonna Make Me Stay, Ed Andrews, 1924, OKeh. Clearly he sings "Crying ain't gonna make me stay".

This is a double whammy since there is no index entry for Ed Andrews in B&GR, though the song is listed in the index and sure enough his section appears in the body text. Guess that makes him a 3rd party error-prone kind of a guy.

There have been various mentions of these on the mystery titles and other threads and I'll round them up later or please repost them yourselves.
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