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What do those of you that produce recordings of yourself playing use to produce the actual recording?

On the face of it, a minidisc seems to be the way to go, but of those that I have seen there does not appear to be any with a line-out facility to then transfer the file to a computer.
This was brought home by a friend of mine bought a Sony model??? and was able to record fine but, was unable to transfer out from the minidisc and of course the actual disc could not be used in a computer - in fact Amazon gave him a full refund when they realised it would not do what they had described (assumed) it would do! He had also tried connecting it via the 'phones output and that did not work either.

So, is there a specific make and model number that anyone can recommend that would allow a microphone input and a computer output?

Any (polite) suggestions welcome  :o 


--- Quote from: richard on June 09, 2004, 03:28:13 AM ---He had also tried connecting it via the 'phones output and that did not work either.
--- End quote ---

Hi Richard - that's basically how I do it:  phones out from the MD into the line-in on the soundcard.  You have to make sure that you have a line-in on your soundcard, of course.  You also have to specify the line-in as the recording source for whatever audio recording program you use.  I use CoolEdit, but I think they've been bought out by now.  You can use CDex as a recording tool, but it has no editing abilities.  You might want to try Audacity.  Looks pretty good!

uncle bud:
Hi Richard,

I sit in front of my iMac, open SoundStudio (soon GarageBand), press record and play. It's really nice for practising and hearing what I'm doing (which is not always what I think I'm doing). I also do what Frank does via the soundcard if I record things with my minidisc. Mine is several years old so I can't recommend a model, but I'm very happy with my Sharp. You might want to check out They should have lots of answers and way more than you want to know. Digital uploading is not available for minidiscs as far as I know, in an attempt to prevent piracy etc.

Hi Richard, I do it exactly like Frank.... using the earphone outjack (also known as analog out) and Cool Edit (although a ton of other programs will work too.  There is a setting controlled by the Windows Mixer also "Adjust Volume for Recording" - when using recording software to record.  Of course it is possible to plug a microphone into your soundcard input jack and record directly to a program like Cool Edit or CDex.

Low end portable MD players do not an optical output - which would not do much good anyway unless you have an oprical input on your sound card - which is overkill ofr our use anyway.

So go back and buy that MD player  ;) and we'll help you do it.


My Sony MD recorder has a line-out minijack as well as a headphone jack. So you can get 'em. Voltages from the headphone jack vs. line out are different AFAIK so getting one with a line-out might match the soundcard's level expectations better.


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