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Weenie Juke Radio to Close at the End of February

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We here at O'Muck Enterprises INC. Regret the passing of our dearly beloved Juke. Good luck on your journey through the solar system and beyond Juke content! And much gratitude to all those who worked to make it work. :'(

uncle bud:

--- Quote from: FrontPage on February 28, 2014, 10:04:04 PM ---A toast to the end of an era - four fingers of Jameson's 12. Thanks fellas.
--- End quote ---

Surely not your own fingers. That'd be half the bottle.

Bummer.  It has been great.

Thank you for the education!

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Mike Brosnan:
Ditto what everyone else has said already. Big thanks to everyone involved. The world is a better place due to all your efforts!


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