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Title: 2 channel pickup query...
Post by: Norfolk Slim on June 05, 2011, 11:38:18 AM
I have a two channel Markley pickup on my Martin dread.  The output jack socket is stereo.  The idea is that you use a Y cable so that you get two separate signals out- one from the magnetic soundhole pickup and one from the under saddle pickup.  The blended sound is supposed to be an ideal combination of the two.

Thats fine if you have a Y cable and two channels on your amp.

However, if one goes along to an open mic, with a single cable available into a DI box...  I just get one channel. And it seems to be the twangy more artificial sounding of the two.  Is there any easy solution?  Or did I go wrong getting a fancy dual pickup system in the first place and should look for something which is solid simple and natural instead!!!?
Title: Re: 2 channel pickup query...
Post by: blueshome on June 06, 2011, 12:24:00 AM
A microphone.
Title: Re: 2 channel pickup query...
Post by: Norfolk Slim on June 06, 2011, 01:01:50 AM
Knew I could rely on you Phil!

That would be my preference generally, but for a short slot, where everyone is plugged in and the only mics are really vocal mics...
Title: Re: 2 channel pickup query...
Post by: pete1951 on June 07, 2011, 11:40:23 AM
Stereo plugs have 2 `hot` outputs, you could remove the jack socket and reverse the 2 contacts. This would then give you your `best` output when you plug in a standard mono jack. The `twangy` one would be earthed out (like the good one is now).
You may be able to wire a stereo jack to a mono lead so you get both signal at once (they may not be compatable, so one may be louder) or wire a stereo to mono lead with your `best ` pickup as the `hot` output.
 Pete T
Title: Re: 2 channel pickup query...
Post by: Rivers on June 07, 2011, 08:24:00 PM
Pete's right, and you should be getting the best signal using a mono cable if it's wired correctly. The simple fix is to reverse the ring wiring on one end of the stereo guitar lead. Then when you plug that into a mono input you'll hear the other pickup. Easy for me say, soldering ability being one of my many profound failings in life.

Another solution might be to score a Fishman amp with a dual source stereo input jack that splits it into the two channels so you can EQ separately, provide phantom power, etc. But you know that already.

Another option used to be a little box Fishman made called a 'blender', for their dual source matrix setup. You plug in the stereo 1/4" guitar cable into the blender's single stereo input jack and voila, the noise comes out on two mono jacks you can plug into whatever you want. Has phantom power also. Basically it's just a two channel mixer with a stereo input, two mono outs, p/power and a fancy name.

I have dual source in my 000-16, Crown mini-mic in the soundhole and matrix transducer under saddle, I also have a Fishman amp, first generation 160 watts RMS, yee ha. I've only blown it up once (real smoke, smell of burning insulation) but one day it's going to fry itself terminally.  The guitar was wired by a luthier pal I trust, mostly, so if you plug a mono guitar cable into the stereo jack it gets the saddle pickup only, which is the way Fishman recommended and is the pickup I use.

I never use the mini mic, the increased risk of feedback is not worth the sound it gets, but it makes a good talking point lurking in the soundhole. In fact those Crown mini mics just so totally suck, what is wrong with people?! I experimented with it for quite a while one day on its own, really cranking it, listening hard, EQ-ing, notch filtering the resonant band, the whole nine yards. I must say a chair leg pounding on a cardboard box in a tin hut in a rainstorm would best describe its available frequency response and noise floor, why would anyone want to add that to their mix? I'm sure they're much better these days.

Or, you could...
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