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Hi all,
Did any of you see the wire service photo/story about the giant feral hog that was killed near Alapaha, Georgia on June 17th?? It was ungodly huge, half a ton, and looked to be as big as a buffalo.? Reminds me of a story John Jackson told about a farmer near where he lived who had a hog as big as a horse--I always figured it was a bit exaggerated, but after seeing this I wonder.? The story is on page A-17 of the July 29th Seattle Post Intelligencer.
All best,


--- Quote from: Johnm on July 29, 2004, 04:32:45 PM ---the giant feral hog
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Saw it...  assumed that the ditch the guy was standing in was the beginnings of a barbecue pit...  Ribs for the whole county!

That is one BIG hog.? Here's a link to the page, which includes a photo (the story says they had to pick it up with a backhoe, and that its head was as large as a compact car tire).

Alapaha, GA, is about 200 miles west and south of my hometown of Allendale, SC, and things can grow big down there: fish, hogs, snakes, and the like ... and tales of fish and hogs and snakes and the like ...

The newspaper reference to "Faulknerian myth" may be apt.


Hi all,
I just noticed in today's paper that there will be a National Geographic Special on TV tomorrow night (March 20) devoted to "Hogzilla".  I know you will all want to see it to find out the truth of the tale.
All best,


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