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Ken Tillery - Used To Ain't Here No More


A few weeks ago, Andy Cohen's Riverlark Music released an album of guitar instrumentals I recorded and I thought some of you would enjoy hearing it. I have a great deal of respect for this site, this music and the community of people that keep it going; I have learned a lot from hanging out here over the years and would love to have your feedback.

Congratulations on your recording project, Ken! You've got a really nice balance of traditional tunes done your own way and original tunes, and the recorded sound of your guitar is beautiful.
All best,

Blues Vintage:
Sounds good to me, Ken.

Edited to add: even a instrumental by Hacksaw Harney, very cool.

Prof Scratchy:
Great picking and lovely guitar tone! Thanks for posting.

Thank you all for listening to it! I really enjoy playing all of these tunes and wanted to make sure there was a good mix of new and old, and a variety of tunings.


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