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Sugar Man RIP


Like most Americans, I had no knowledge of this musician until the documentary "Searching for Sugar Man" was released.

His story is pretty special, and I encourage you to see the film if you haven't already.

Thanks for the link, Lindy. I didn't see it earlier at the NYT when I looked for it. I agree--Watch the film if you haven't seen it already.

It's hard to figure how during the era of the singer-songwriter his albums never received the attention his talents warranted. But it can be a funny business. However, he finally did get the attention he deserved. I remember turning an old friend on to him after the film came out and his reaction was, "How did we ever miss this guy?" Well, without airplay, proper promo and distribution, it's probably not difficult.

Rest In Peace, Sixto Rodriguez

I used to live in Kingston, and there was one song by rocksteady great Ken Boothe that I used to hear every Saturday night on the local sound system. It was intriguing because lyrically it didn't sound like a Jamaican song, but I'd definitely never heard it anywhere else. I learned much later that it was a cover of Rodriguez's Silver Words. Beautiful song.


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