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Since we encounter words and phrases that we've never previously heard spoken or sung or seen in print, I thought it might be appropriate to list them in one place. We can refine the format as we go along. And the moderators can revise it as they see fit. For example:

Joint: to cut (the body of an animal) into joints. "use a sharp knife to joint the bird" (Washboard Walter - "Narrow Face Blues")

Narrow Face: appears to be a kind of chicken, perhaps a breed. (Unattested) (Washboard Walter - "Narrow Face Blues")

Blues Vintage:
Seems like a good idea to me, Stuart. Could be another category under "Bedslats & All" in Weeniepedia.

Hi Blues Vintage: I'll let the administrators decide the best place place for it. The top level at Weeniepedia might be a good spot. That way one doesn't have to go through too many levels or sub-categories to find it. And if we run across something as we go along--or go back to review what's been posted--it will be convenient to add anything that fits the bill.

Blues Vintage:
I wasn't my intention to downplay the significance of your idea.
If "Words and Phrases" would be categorized under "Bedslats & All" (where Blues Arcana and WebLinks are located) in Weeniepedia it's visible right away on the main page.

Hi Blues Vintage:

I didn't take your comment that way at all. You're right--That's a better place to locate the topic. I simply didn't give it enough thought or time last evening to experiment with navigating to "Words and Phrases" from either a page where we're currently working on a song or from lyrics already located in WeeniePedia. My apologies. As I mentioned, I'll let the administrators decide on the location.


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