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Wheelhouse Rag by Joel Paterson


Hello friend,
I came across this the other day & thought many of you here would also appreciate it.

Blues Vintage:
I follow his YouTube channel. This man can really play the guitar.

Yes he can! He's really great.

Been a fan for years. Here are a couple of interviews for those not familiar with Joel:

His CDs with Beau Sample and Alex Hall--"The Modern Sounds"--can be hard to find, but they're worth hunting down, IMHO. And having lived in the shadow of Husky Stadium for years, the image I conjure up of Joel and Todd Cambio playing Country Blues after U of Wisconsin football games leads me to believe there must have been some perplexed faces on those passing by.

A few years back he did an album with Jonathan Doyle that has some Country Blues flavored material on it. You can listen to it at Bandcamp:

Blues Vintage:
I immediately remembered that video he did when unezrider posted this, where he played every Scotty Moore solo from the Elvis Sun Sessions in one take.

Joel Paterson - Scotty Moore Sun Session Solos


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