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RIP Pete Lowery


I met Pete Lowery here on Weenie and he was good enough to send me a few things from"The Vault". He had hopped the pond and was living in England but told me that he had tons of material including unreleased TRIX albums in a storage unit in New Jersey. I volunteered to go there and fetch him whatever he needed and ship it to Jolly Ol', but his trust level or ability to deal with logistics had abandoned him and it never happened. So now i wonder , who, what and where inherits the contents of said New Jersey Storage unit. Anybody know his survivors if any?

Thanks for passing along the sad news, Phil. I wasn't aware that Pete had died. It looks like his materials are (--and perhaps any remaining materials will be--) archived at UNC:

It looks like some of his materials are also at the LoC:

Other than exchanging posts here and elsewhere, we corresponded via PM and e-mail on occasion. Both being NJ guys, we had a few things in common. Pete wrote me and said that he was back in NJ in 2016 and with his son, they dealt with his "life's work," which was in storage, something he said was no longer a good place for it. Although he didn't say so specifically at the time, I assume he had made arrangements for it to go to UNC. I'm sure Pete's son was given instructions regarding what to do with anything that didn't go to UNC.

We also discussed the "state of the state (NJ)" and of the country as a whole post-2016. You can imagine...

Another major figure in recording, researching, maintaining and preserving the music we love is gone. I never met Pete, but he impressed me as a good guy. I once told him that he should finish his doctorate at Penn because he certainly thought and worked on that level--and probably way beyond it, IMHO. I hope someone and/or institution will see fit to posthumously award him an honorary PhD. He certainly deserves one as he earned it by his many significant contributions.

We'll all miss him.

Note the correct spelling of Pete's surname.

R.I.P. to a great and important blues producer, researcher and promoter making wonderful blues music available on several cltassic albums with artists that might not had been able to get their music out at this time in the 70's.

Wow, I'm really sorry to hear of Peter's death.  I never met him, though we were both in New Paltz NY at around the same time.  But we corresponded a lot back when he was active on Weenie Campbell, and he was kind enough to send me the occasional CD of odds and ends.  I've been wondering what ever happened to him.  I'll miss you, Peter.

Oh boy, this is saddening. Another wellspring of information gone like a leaf in a gale. While I didn't have a ton of interaction on here with Mr. Lowry, I thoroughly enjoyed his input, as I do everybody here.
You shall be sorely missed, sir.


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