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Support for Phil Wiggins


Phil Wiggins, former Blues Workshop Artistic Director and by far the best harp player I've ever heard, is in need of our support due to a major health issue.

I'll quote long-time Weenie member Jed, who recently wrote,

"As a community, we can accomplish far more than any one of us can alone . . . Phil is a rare exception to that rule; throughout his life of performing, travel and teaching, Phil has blessed far more people than his unassuming demeanor might suggest.  I hope we can give back and share with others some of the love that Phil has shared with us."

I don't play harp, but I've benefited greatly from just being around Phil, who has so much to teach about generosity of spirit.

A GoFundMe site has been set up, this page contains details about his situation:

Thanks for any donations you send to the project.


Many thanks, Lindy!  The fund just cleared the halfway point; with continued energy, we all might be able to help Phil & Judy get settled before too long and able to focus on the way forward with no distractions.

Y'all, please share the link Lindy dropped with your friends in and out of the blues.  Spreading the love brings it back around in so many ways.


Thank you, Alex! He's getting a lot of support, but with the American health care system and DC housing costs the way they are, he'll need more for a while yet.

For everyone else who has not yet visited his GoFundMe site, it explains his situation.


I'm going through a financial rough patch but very saddened to hear about this and am happy other people are able to provide generous support! if anyone meets him please pass my fondest gratitude for his music!


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