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Old Man Ned:
Thanks for posting. I'd not hear of Roger Hubbard before despite living in the UK. I found this documentary quite sad given the regret, that was evident to me, of him not taking up the invite to go to the US when he was clearly held with some regard. I hope things are better for him now and he feels comfortable in the place he now is.

All the Best,

Just received this from Roger:

"Dear All,

I’m very pleased to announce that my new album “Under the Sun” is now available!
These are all new heartfelt songs being very much of the moment with a wide range of musical styles and accompaniments.

If you wish to buy a CD please go to:

Thank you and very best wishes


Roger has always been a favorit of mine, along with John M, since I heard them in the seventies and found them again on the internet in the 90s. I met John in the Euroblues same years ago but, I have not seen or met Roger. I have tried to get Roger  to the Amal Blues Festival here in Sweden but no success so far.

What password shall be used to see the documentary??


Blues Vintage:

--- Quote from: benedwards on July 09, 2022, 05:17:42 AM ---
What password shall be used to see the documentary??

--- End quote ---

No idea, one could watch the whole thing without a password a few weeks ago.

I watched it after it was first posted. Now when I use the previous link which I bookmarked, "This video is private" is displayed. I've been registered with Vimeo  with a free, basic membership for a while now. I assume if it was now pay-per-view there would be an option  to pay, but I could be wrong. Maybe something else is going on in background that we're not aware of. Perhaps it was hacked in some way and we now have to contact the owner for a password. --Just a guess.


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