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The rarest 78s

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Devils Son Inlaw:
A topic came up recently at work about records we had as kids and of course everyone wished they had their favorite pop record today because it would be worth a "fortune". 

I kept my comments to myself and wondered about how many of the songs we enjoy have come from that one single copy a collector has and decided to share it with the world.

Does anyone know of a website that lists the rarest of these blues recordings or if anyone wants to start a list here that would be fun and interesting.  Of course I've read articles of collectors like John Tefteller who have been lucky enough to find that one record that everyone thought would never turn up.

I don't collect 78s but I'm grateful for these fanatics sharing these records with the rest of us. 

There's a "The Rarest 78s" group on Facebook that folks might want to join lots of great label pics and good information exchanged in there sometimes. Good mix of blues/jazz/world/old-time country.

Years ago the magazine 78 Quarterly had a list of the rarest records, but I know those lists have been superseded I don't know of one place that information is gathered, so maybe this would be a good place for a list.

Ones I think only exist in one copy (and I'd be very happy to be corrected!) include:

Son House
Pm 13096 Mississippi County Farm Blues/Clarksdale Moan
Pm 13013 Preachin' the Blues Parts I & II

William Harris
Ge 6752 Bad Treated Blues/Electric Chair Blues (Electric Chair is on other issues)

Jaydee Short
Pm 13091 Tar Road Blues/Flaggin' It to Georgia

Charlie Patton
Pm 13133 Joe Kirby/Jim Lee Blues Part 2

I think a couple of the Skip James might be one copy also, like Drunken Spree/What Am I to Do but I'm not sure and I'll let others post there are a bunch that are only one or two copies.


Here's another:

Blind Joe Reynolds
Pm 12983 Ninety Nine Blues/Cold Woman Blues

I think I recall Gayle Dean Wardlow telling me that there was only one known copy of J. T. Smith's cross-note tuning song, "Whiskeyhead Blues".

Devils Son Inlaw:
Very interesting gentlemen, thank you.  Feel free to include other rare recordings that have turned up if you'd like.  If there are 2, 3, 4 known records out there that's still remarkable that they have survived and shared with the world.

I changed the topic to "Rarest 78s"


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