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Miller's Breakdown proposal

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David Kaatz:
Sounds good - I'll see if I can get inspired by something.

Prof Scratchy:
Here's an attempt. This was a puzzler in 2015. I was 18 years old when the events in this song happened. Now I'm 73 and the world hasn't changed much, or so it sometimes seems.

Thanks so much for posting, Prof, that sounds great! Really nice singing and I like how comfortable you are with the freedom in the phrasing. You've got to hand it J. B. Lenoir, don't you? That little rocking vamp is so beautiful and has such gravitas. Thanks for getting the versions off to a good start.
All best,

Old Man Ned:
Nice one Prof.  Yeah, constant change, yet things remain the same.
All the Best,

Norfolk Slim:
Nice prof.  if I find time I may have a go.  Need a day or three to listen to 333 songs and choose one :-)


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