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Hi all,
I just picked up the Joe Callicott Fat Possum CD today. ?Somehow I missed the Arhoolie recordings so I don't know if these are different. ?This new CD is quite good. ?He sings really well, and does pieces similar to Frank Stokes's "What's The Matter", and one which has the same melody as the guitar part to "I Will Turn Your Money Green". ?He played a lot in D, standard tuning, too, which is not something I usually associate with Mississippi players. ?Take care.
All best,

Hi all,
I don't know if you can reply to yourself here, but after repeated listenings to the Joe Callicott on Fat Possum, I would say I really under-rated it, despite liking it very much the first time I heard.  His singing was just great.  I never figured I would hear anyone I liked as well as Henry Thomas for this type of material, but I think I like Joe even a little better.  His guitar playing is really nice, too, but his singing is just great.


I agree it is a great CD, Callicott's playing has slowed down quite a bit from his earlier recordings, but it's still a great CD. along with his classics; Fare Thee Well and France Chance, I really like his version of Frankie.
see you soon,

uncle bud:
I picked this up at the CD store during the workshop after doing Frankie in John Miller's class. It's a great CD. Despite overlap with the Arhoolie disc and a short playing time, it is still well worth picking up. Plus I think the Arhoolie one is actually out of print (it was, at any rate). If you haven't heard Joe, this is one to get. As JohnM says, the singing is superb.


How is the Calicott disc--honestly?  Does it compare with his prewar sides?  I had no idea he was recorded postwar.


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