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Henry Spaulding photo surfaces

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Apologies if this has already been posted, but I didn't see it anywhere. Henry Spaulding's family reached out to Document records and shared a photo of this legendary blues musician. So exciting

Amazing that this kind of information is still out there waiting to be discovered! Thanks for sharing –

Thank you, evan.

Thanks Evan!

“Thank you so much! I was able to stumble upon the same article when I searched and the two songs of my husband’s great grandfather. His full name was Henry Hezekiah Spaulding  He was born May 7th, 1901, in Madison, St. Francis County in Arkansas. He passed away from pulmonary tuberculosis on June 16th, 1942, in St. Louis, Missouri. I am attaching a photo of him as well".

this is a great find. thank you so much.


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