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I'm most of the way through working out Sam Collins' "Slow Mama Slow", but I'm having trouble with the words of the 3rd verse:? help?

Pull down your window, lock up all your doors 2x
I got ways like the devil, I'm ..............?

Can you post an mp3?
All for now.
John C.

uncle bud:
Hiya Blueshome,

Sackheim in The Blues Line has the third verse as:

Pull down your window, lock up on your door
Lock up on your window, lock up on your door
I got ways like the devil, I'm slipping on the floor

Haven't compared it to the recording....                                                   

uncle bud

Hi all,
This response isn't directed to "Slow, Mama, Slow", but rather another Sam Collins tune with the same title as another song discussed elsewhere in this section by Frank Stokes, "It Won't Be Long".  I'm sorry I don't have the computer capability to post an mp3 file of it, but it is really an amazing song and performance.  It has this weird "talking-to-itself" quality, and at two or three different points, Sam sounds like he is grinding to a halt, only to start up again.  He does some unbelievable singing, too, in a class with Robert Pete Williams for hitting eerie notes.  Seek it out if you can, it's kind of a one-of-a-kind cut.
All best,

Hello. My name's Dan and this is my first post on this site. I'd like to say that is amazing! This site really blows away BigRoadBlues, which is a website/forum I've been reading and participating in for years. To me, it sounds like Crying Sam Collins is singing "I got ways like the Devil, I'm creepin' on all fours." :)


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