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Wow, I am excited to tell you all that I will be having a House Concert featuring Terry Robb, at our new home in Oakland. We were trying to set up something at the Bay View Boat Club, where I do a monthly set, while Terry is in the Bay Area for a gig at Biscuits and Blues, but it fell thru. So I put out the idea of doing a House Concert and Terry liked it. It will be on Thursday, November 10 at 8 PM. I'll play a warm-up set and Terry will play two sets. I'm really looking forward to this.

If you are into Acoustic Blues you should know Terry Robb's music. He has been a top performer for decades and worked with John Fahey in the '80s. Check out his web site to get an idea of what an honor it is to have him perform in our home.

Since this is my first house concert I'm going to limit it to 20 people. Donation will be $15 to support great acoustic music in the Bay Area.

Please send me an email with "Re: House Concert" as the subject if you would like to attend. You can do this by selecting my name and viewing my user profile. Send an email, not a Personal Message.

Please send me your phone # so I can contact you with particulars and directions. It's not easy to open your house up to the public. I would like to talk to anyone whom I do not know personally, but am hoping to bring together a few new Bay Area Weenies in the bargain.

I will number emails in the order which I receive them to decide the first 20 who sign up. Responding in this thread does not get you on the list.

I will also keep a short waiting list in case of any cancellations.

As of now I have 8 people signed up from my personal email list. If I don't have 20 by tomorrow evening I will post on the IGS Forum and the Woodshed.

I hope a lot of you can make it. This may be the first of many house concerts, I hope.

Boy, am I excited. I practiced for at least 3 hours today.

All for now.
John C.

BTW, anyone in the Bay Area, or elsewhere, that would like to be on my email list even tho' you can't make it to this event, please send me an email with "Blues Lovers List" as the subject. So far I only send out one a month, sometimes not even that.
All for now.
John C.

uncle bud:
Sounds like a great time, Wax. Wasn't Terry playing in the clubs at Port Townsend this year? I never made it to the clubs...

He did, UB, with a three piece band. I missed that, too. He told me he also taight one year a while back, but that was before I started attending. It was too late to set up a workshop this time around, but he comes down 2 or 3 times a year, so if this works out we may do it as a regular thing, and maybe have a workshop in the afternoon. Now that would be cool!

Of course, I also look forward to having other touring acoustic blues artists do the same. Having a few periferal house concerts can make coming to the bay area for a gig at Biscuits or the Freight a little more feasible for folks from Portland or Seattle, or from down south. Boy, I really hope I can get Paul Geremia to do one when he makes his yearly swing thru.

All for now.
John C.

Bob B:
Hi all

House concerts are a great way to go.  Living in So Calif. we've been fortunate enough to see Pat Donohue, Rick Ruskin, Pierre Bensusan, etc. at Kevin Ryan's house.

We enjoyed Terry Robb at the Fret House (Covina).  He really knows his way around the fretboard and sings with great feeling.  He did an Ishman Bracey tune that just shot the lights out.

Congrats on opening for him, Waxwing.  Knock 'em out!! Keep us posted.

All for now



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