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The Hohoppas Jug Band play our first gig tonight (Fri. Oct 21) at BC's American Saloon, 2433 SE Powell Blvd, Portland. It's a cowboy (or maybe faux cowboy) place, somehow they decided to have a jug night. The show begins at 9 with the Sarsaparilla Band. Hohoppas start sometime after 10. Cover is $5.
The group includes Sherry Pendarvis, whom some of you know from blues camp, on upright bass. Scott Pendarvis blows jug, giving us a nice heavy bottom end. Loren Schulte plays mandolin or guitar and rack kazoo. I'm on lead vocals, harp or guitar and washboard or tambourine.
And in case the origin of the name isn't clear (a couple people have asked), it comes from Eddie Cusic, when he and I were housemates at Port T, and someone came by the house asking where I was, and Eddie replied, "He's out ho hoppin'."

Break a leg Chez!

And great name!  :P

uncle bud:

--- Quote from: Chezztone on October 21, 2005, 02:34:55 AM --- "He's out ho hoppin'."

--- End quote ---


Go Steve! Sounds like fun. Are you based up there these days?

Faux cowboy bar? Do they have chicken wire in front of the stage? Heh heh.

Break a leg, man. Hey, where's Taizz in the line-up?

All for now.
John C.


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