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Seattle pre-soak Saturday 9/24 before show at Dusty Strings


Emma Lee:
Hello Seattle-area Weenies and other dignitaries --

John Miller, Orville Johnson, and Grant Dermody are playing at Dusty Strings on Saturday 9/24 at 7:30pm. These three amazing players and PTCBW teachers are not to be missed. (Dusty Strings, 3406 Fremont Ave N., the acoustic music shop, has a fairly recently expanded, venue/stage area, and they also seem to be stocking more country blues music and books than they used to -- very good developments.)

Earlier in the day, the three are also teaching a Blues Band Workshop there 12:30-2:30pm. More info: .

KC King and I were thinking it would be fun to get folks together in the Fremont neighborhood before (and/or after) the show. About ten feet away from Dusty Strings' door, on the corner of 34th and Fremont, there is a big fat Greek restaurant called Costas. We were thinking of going there around 6pm and having a drink or a bite and we would love to get together with any PTCBW/Weenies types and their cohorts to hang out, say hi, etc. Howzabout it?

hopefully see you there,
Emma Lee and KC King

Emma Lee and KC

I need to check weekend commitments on  9/24 , I'd love to see you guys before the concert.  I will be in Seattle on 9/17 (Saturday); I am taking lessons from John M!   Charlie R.

Emma Lee and KC
I will be at Dusty Strings on Saturday 9/24 a with my two daughters.  Perhaps we might see each other at  Costas, if not save seats for three.  My kids like to seat up front and close.  Cheers, Charlie


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