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midwestern weenies?

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Since the member map is down... I'm wondering if there are weenies, lurkers or otherwise, in the upper midwest?? Just discovered there is a local "concentration" in Ann Arbor/Fort Wayne area.? (2 people within 150 miles is a concentration? - wow, that's pathetic? ;)).


Hi Tom,
I'm up here in Madison, Wisconsin.  Although I'm the only Weenie up here, there are a handful of people in the area who play and listen to country blues.  There are some good players in Chicago too: Eric Noden, Joel Paterson, Rick "Cookin" Sherry and Joe Filisko come to mind.  All of those guys are first rate.   You're not alone out here in the wilderness.

uncle bud:
I believe it's been mentioned on WC before but worth repeating that Joe Filisko has taught at Port Townsend previously and is an astonishing harmonica player.

I know you know John Hasbrouk (sp?) in Chitown, too, eh Todd? He's a very fine player. Posts as Hambone over at IGS, but I haven't seen a post from him in some time.
All for now.
John C.

Certainly I know John!  We used to play together in Catfish Stephenson's string band.  John is a great player and I should have included him in the list.  My apologies.
Filisko is incredible, but so is the lesser known Rick Sherry.  He and Joel Paterson, who I used to play with in my teens and twenties, have a great little trio called Devil in a Woodpile.   Rick spent a lot of years playing traveling with Honeyboy Edwards.  He played harp with Honeyboy and helped him to get around.  His wife was instrumental in getting Honeyboy's autobiography out. 
Eric Noden is a great player that studied with Andy Cohen when he was a kid.  He's a great guitar player and singer, great guy to boot.  That's a rare, yet valuable, combination.


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