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Erwin Helfer


Here is some recent news about our old friend Erwin Helfer. He is a brave man to share his story and I'm so glad that he is now on the mend.

Parlor Picker:
I remember seeing him play in London in the early 1970s. Might have been at the Sunday afternoon session at Studio 51 aka Colyer's.

Thanks for sharing that link, Lightnin'. A friend in Chicago had sent me an earlier piece about Erwin, so I knew about his struggle with depression. Whatever he may say himself, I agree with you, it was brave to come forward, and even more brave to try ECT at his time of life. I'm so thankful for his sake that it got him through to the other side and that he feels so much more like himself now. He's a wonderful player and a dear man and I wish him well.
All best,

Old Man Ned:
Thanks so much Lignite for sharing this. I wasn't aware of his situation at all but so glad to hear that he has come through it. I met Erwin on a number of trips I made to Chicago in the 80's. He was so kind. Either finding cheap accommodation or putting me up in his home. And introduced me to loads of blues players in Chicago. He's a wonderful playing with such a good, gentle soul.
All the Best,


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