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Suzy Thompson's CD release at Freight

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Man this girl can sing! And she do pull some bow, too. And her Peg Leg Howell inspired version of In The Pines accompanied only by her own fingerpicked? Gibson and Ben Sigelman on cello was just as rich.

As on the CD, the accompaniment ran from Suzy solo on fiddle for her great take on Stop and Listen; to cello based trios, with Del, or Bill Evans on banjo, or Eric on mando; to some three guitars and a bass (I mean cello) stuff, Del and Eric goin' toe to toe, tradung licks fingers verses flat pick (and I thought they both had hot nights), between Suzy's raucous vocals; on up to the full Thompson's String Ticklers, including bandolin, banjo uke, two guitars, cello, and sometimes Larry Hanks on jew's harp, back Suzy's vocals or ripping fiddle work. For the finale, everyone was up there, including Kate Breslin, who had done some great vocal harmonies and imromptu kazoo.

Many memorable numbers, which Miller and I enjoyed from the second row, with our dates, Claudia and Gre. Eric gettin' some great blues out of a Puerto Rican cuatro. A great take on Patton and Lee's Troubled 'Bout My Mother featuring Suzy's fiddle, Bill's banjo and the Ben sliding bowed notes on the cello. All evening Suzy sang the blues with a voice that was made for it, richness and depth of the classic blues singers, able to go from raunchy to sweet, and always sellin' the song.

Everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves, most of all Suzy, her smile beaming over her fiddle. Great night.

And I've been listenin' to the CD while writing and highly reccomend it. And if Suzy and the gang are playin' anywhere near you, as posted above, get there. If not, you can get much of the live feeling from the CD.

All for now.
John C.


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