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Hey all,

We've been busy. Slack has done one of legendary upgrades and the wiki software is now on the latest release, 1.14., you'll notice extra buttons on the edit screen button bar, and there are a bunch of other fixes and improvements, mostly at the infrastructure level.

The major benefit is it has enabled us to develop a new skin for Weeniepedia called 'Paramount'. It seems pretty solid, we'll probably make it the default skin because it's a more weeniefied theme. If you have time we'd very much appreciate you testing it and giving feedback. You can select it as your default skin in 'My Preferences', top right.

Click here and the first page will come up using it:

There's an second new skin available called 'ModernWeenie' which is also weeniefied and designed to load faster if you're on dial-up, has fewer graphics. But with Paramount you get the flapper girls!

Very nice job design job Rivers, it looks terrific!

Thanks Slack. Design is Zach, I just laid out his great material in the wiki skin context. For those who don't know, Zach is Slack's pro web designer/artist son. He is responsible for the weenie logo and contributed to a lot of the general L&F of the site.

OK we've changed the default wiki skin to Paramount. Holler if you have any problems:


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