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We've set up weeniepedia in such a way that it is able to contain piano and other instrument content. The piano section is looking pretty thin at present (hint hint)...

Post here for some tips on getting it going. Calvin? Prof?

Blues Vintage:
Better late then never I guess.

Maybe a seperate section for,

Blues Piano By Key
Blues Piano By Progression

Hi Harry,
There are currently Weeniepedia pages under Piano for
   * Piano Accompanists
   * Piano Players/Blues Singers
with the difference between the two categories being that in the second category, the pianists are the featured performers and singers, so you end up with Leroy Carr, Walter Davis, Big Maceo, Little Brother Montgomery, et al, and in the first category you get accompanists only, so people like Joshua Altheimer, Black Bob.

I question the value of having a separate category for Blues Piano by Progression, just because piano blues, except in rare instances, use the same chord progressions as any other instrument would when playing the blues. I think the key of the piano blues would be more appropriately noted  on the various songs themselves, just as playing position/tuning is noted for guitarists, than as a separate category in Weeniepedia. And I don't think key makes as much difference on piano since both hands are doing the same thing, pressing down keys, unlike guitar, where the two hands are doing completely different things. But you play a lot of piano, and I suspect you've found that some keys are gravitated to or avoided by the blues pianists who have recorded.

I think a category that could be added that would be great would be Piano Instrumentals. There are some spectacular ones like Blind Leroy Garnett's "Louisiana Glide" and some really nice ones by Henry Brown, and I think the instrumentals deserve a Weeniepedia category of their own.

All best,


Blues Vintage:
I think a category for "Blues Piano By Key" would be justified. The mandolin has an seperate page for mandolin keys too.
If I would take on the chore of figuring out all the keys for every blues piano song currently listed on Weeniepedia it's probably gonna be a lot of C, F, G, Bb and Eb but I might be surprised. Some recordings are sped up or slowed down or otherwise and that might alter the key.

I'm willing to this but somebody (or more multiple persons, preferable piano players) has to double check my research to make it as accurate as possibly.
I know Thomas Lucas plays blues piano and is knowledgeable on the subject.
So I'll do it even if it's just to note the key for the various songs themselves.

Harry, how about if posters of transcriptions of songs with piano accompaniments noted the key in which the songs were sounding going forward, and I peck away at identifying the keys of the songs already posted, over time. I think for this purpose we should assume that the recording was made with the piano at concert pitch, since we have no way of determining how the pitch was altered, or how much it was altered, or even if it was altered. That's a rabbit hole we don't need to get stuck in. I will edit my post in the new Piano Instrumentals thread to indicate the key at which "Fanny Lee Blues" and "Louisiana Glide" sounded.
All best,


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