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  • King of the Delta Blues Patton book is now republished: January 06, 2023 - January 13, 2023

Author Topic: Charlie Patton 1988 book now reworked and updated and published November  (Read 450 times)

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Offline TallahatchieTrot

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After  years  of hard  work  the 1988  Patton  book by  Calt  and  Wardlow has been  reworked  and updated  to  more  than 400  pages. Was published by  University  of Tennessee Press at  Knoxville this  past  November.  All  updates  and new  information  found  since  1988  have  been  added  and it has  been fully  documented  with  footnotes  and  a bibliography  and song  descriptions. Authors  are  Gayle  Dean  Wardlow Stephen  Calt  and  Ed  Komara.  No  more  having  to  buy  an  old  copy  off  the internet. Please  visit their  website.  I  will  give  it  later.  Miss  all of  you  guys  but  been inactive  since  Robert  Johnson  book  by  Conforth and  Wardlow  was  completed  and  the  illness  of  my  wife  for  several  years.  Miss comments by Uncle  Bud, Rivers  and  especially John  Miller who  helped  so  much  with the Hayes  McMullan  album  3  years  ago.  Thanks  for  getting  me  to  Pt.  Townsend  a  few  years  back. gdw

Offline Stuart

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Thanks for the post, Gayle Dean and the first person update. Here's the link to The University of Tennessee Press website page:

Offline eric

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Good to hear from you Gayle Dean. I look forward to reading the new book. I still have the old one! Cheers.

Offline Blues Vintage

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I bought "Charley Patton: Voice of the Mississippi Delta" last summer. This book should be a great companion.
Great to hear from you around these parts, Gayle Dean.

Offline jasobr

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Is this Gayle Dean writing? If so, wow, great to see something by you! I have purchased the book -- it's on my desk right now, as I am writing my next Living Blues article on that monumental Paramount session with Louise Johnson, Willie Brown, Son House, and Charley Patton. Hope all goes well with you, pal! And thank you again for the decades of inspiration. -- Jas

Offline Johnm

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Congratulations on the publication of the new edition of your Patton book, Gayle Dean!. It's good to see you around here!
All best,

Offline CF

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I was able to get a copy through a Canadian seller and have been doing a casual first read.

The bits removed from the 1988 edition come across as tantalizing in the introduction, ha ha, now I want to read what's missing!

Wonderful to read Patton research in a chronology and to realize how much has been learned about his life and personality.
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Stand By If You Wanna Hear It Again . . .

Offline Bed Bug Bill

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Great news .Will hunt it out. The original book, is my favoite, writing on Country Blues, but is falling apart. My first time back on Weenie, for years, too.


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