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Slack, Thank You So Much for making the Weenie Post-War CD:s perfect!!! O0

I, and everybody else who bought it, really appreciate it!

Everybody should get both CD sets!  :)



Bald Melon Jefferson:
Thanks for those song titles sir.
"Baby Chile"  ...indeed! 

uncle bud:
Am doing a little cleanup, finally importing the Weenieology discs. We seem to be missing the artist name for the following on Postwar Disc 2:

--- Quote ---22)Bad Hangover, 23)Fish Tail Blues, An interesting line-up on these sides by another obscure bluesman, that at least, managed to record on a major label. The sidemen include, Sonny Terry on harmonica and Mickey Baker on guitar. Recorded; 8/27/53, NYC.
--- End quote ---

Any more clues? ;)

Sorry, if I tell you the bluesman in question, he will no longer be obscure.   :P

That would be Square Walton - cool site here with more info:

Thanks for the heads up UB

Bunker Hill:
And here's his entire recorded legacy.


V with Sonny Terry (h) Fletcher Smith (p) Mickey Baker (g) Johnny Williams (b) Marty
Wilson (d).
         New York City, 27August 1953
E3VB 1911   Bad hangover   Vic 20-5584
E3VB 1912   Gimme your bankroll   Vic 20-5493
E3VB 1913   Fish tail blues    Vic 20-5584
E3VB 1914   Pepper head woman   Vic 20-5493

V with Al Williams (p) Mickey Baker (g) Johnny Williams (b) Marty Wilson (d) Leroy Kirkland
         New York City, 26 January 1954
E4HB 3492   Straight little woman   unissued
E4HB 3493   Square?s blues   unissued
E4HB 3494   Don?t go around there   unissued
E4HB 3495   You can take it or leave it   unissued


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