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Hi all,
After entering the two most recent puzzlers into the master list of songs that have been looked at in the Miller's Breakdown thread, I found that we are currently up to 333(!) songs that have been used as puzzlers. It would be really great if some use was made of the information we gleaned about the different songs in the course of doing the puzzlers, and I came up with an idea of a way of making some practical use of what we have learned.

My idea is that we have a thread on the Back Porch of folks diving back into that Master List of tunes (indexed in the very first post in the thread), finding a song that particularly appeals from the list, and working up a version of it to be posted in this thread, either audio only if that is what will work for a person, or video as well, if you have the means to do that. I would further propose that the versions that people come up with have no requirement that they adhere strictly to the original performance (though that would certainly be okay if people wanted to do that), but rather, that people could come up with their own takes on the songs that they find appealing, adopting the methods of players doing covers or re-arrangements in the past--"Take as much or as little of the original as suits you, and fill out the remainder with your own stuff!"

Does this idea appeal to anybody? If so, you can just go for it, or express approval, whatever. It seems a shame to spend the initial time on so many great songs, and then never return to them or make use of what we've learned.

All best,

Great idea John. Iíve already been using the list for inspiration on what to try to play next.

Old Man Ned:
I like the idea John, though I do struggle with technology. If I can come up with a decent recording and figure out how to post it I sure will.
All the best,

That's great, Phil and Laurence! Any other takers? I'll look for a tune to do, too.
All best,

Prof Scratchy:
Yes, this will be a good lockdown challenge!


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