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Cub Wyse playing "Bull Doze Blues"

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Thanks for writing these out John.  Has been helpful trying to work up Henry’s playing.  Here’s what o came up with for bull doze

Nicely done, and with quills.  Great tune, too.

Hey thanks Eric!

Mark D:
Howdy CubWyse,

I really enjoyed your quill playing.  Where did you get them from and are they tuned in any special way?


--Mark D

Welcome to Weenie Campbell, Mark D.

If you look below this post, or the last one on the page, you should see a list of one tag: "Henry Thomas". Click this link and look for the topic named Quills Options. You should find lots of good info there. You can also access the Quills tag at the bottom of any page in that topic for even more info on quills.

Possibly someone with the capability could add a quills tag to this topic?



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