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Furniture Man--Bill Chitwood's Georgia Mountaineers: Lyrics Sought


Looking for lyrics to **Furniture Man** (Not Riley the Furniture Man) I believe recorded by Bill Chitwoods Georgia Mountaineers.. any help would sincerely be appreciated...

Thank you...

Here you go, this should be the right one. The end of the second line of the chorus is extremely hard to understand -- if I have it right, the furniture man is sneaking back to reclaim his stuff.

I hate to tell my hard luck tale or either talk about my home
All these coons in this strange land they have troubles of their own
I thought I got me a lovely flat and I thought the furniture went fine
I had two dollars a week to pay, and the rest I got on time

Well I'd like to know what kind of show has any man got, with that furniture man
You got no dough, you don't stand no show, to your house steal back and then
He'll take away your earthly goods, from a bed to a frying pan
If the devil's ever born without any horns it is that furniture man

Oh my Lindy Jane she begin to sing about my Dolly Grey
It's while she's singing those furniture men they carried my things away
They played on my piano, and she danced upon my floor
What was once a village of paradise is now a broken home

I thought I'd order me a lots of things to go right through my door
And when I went to order them you bet I got a load
I got a big piano some curtains and things I got some bric-a-brac
I had two dollars a week to pay, or else they'd take them back


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