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Woo Hoo! Only took me two tries to attach an mp3.
All for now.
John C.

I hear 'Can I get out snake lemon and sassafras and just slide cross your floor'.

Snake lemon?  ???

I wish I could say I don't hear "snake lemon"...  what the...?  I don't hear sassafras - sounds to me more like "tap it flat".  I definitely hear "cross your floor" - not sure yet about what comes before.  I guess my verse looks like:

Can I get [out snake lemon] and tap it flat and [] [] 'cross your floor.

That line is identically undecipherable in two different takes!

I slowed the line down to half speed, but same pitch (which I'll attach) and I get this:

Get out, get out snake levitt and tap it flat and tip light 'cross your floor.

"snake levitt" is obviously not right, does not make sense? - someone's name?, maybe Lyle's cousin? something to "tap flat", who knows, a toughie.? Give a listen at half speed - makes a difference, I think the rest makes sense - "tip light"=tip toe lightly.? Also try it with different mp3 players, it makes a difference too (I like Cool Edit).


Right, you all see what I'm saying. And I had a brainstorm today, searched on the Document Site for Broke Down Engine and came up with two versions and an alternate take by our good friend Buddy Moss, as I had kinda figured. I checked McLeod and both the Moss versions have the identical verse (wouldn't you, with that knocking bit) transcribed almost identically. Unfortunately I dont have either of Buddy's versions. They appear on the first and second volumes from Document. If anyone else has one of these and could post it I would be grateful. So, McLeod has:

? Can I get down to snake level and tap it, plan to tip light across your floor

Slowed down 50% it sounds to me like:

? Can I ge'down snake (levit?) and tap it flat 'n' tip light 'cross your floor

That word sounds like a cross between limit and level, actually closer to limit, maybe, but it's really hard to make sense of it. I guess he's trying to say he could slide under the door like a snake? I really like your ending, Riv, "just slide cross your floor" but it really sounds like "tip light". I think his meaning is something like 'tip toe lightly 'cross your floor', maybe? I don't know. Any further ideas? This one could haunt me.
All for now.
John C.
[Edit] Hey Slack, didn't see your post. So we're pretty much in agreement altho' I do hear "Can I ge'down". I've been using Transcribe! which plays it right from the CD at whatever speed. Very good sound quality. Still no help, tho'. -J


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