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Hi, Im new in this forum. Im a countryblues fan from Argentina, and I've been reading some really interesting post here.
I really think that Patton play this with a capo on the fifht fret playing the C position sounding in F. The progression would go G7-C-G7-C-F-C-G7-C.
I dont have the song to listen it here but thats what I think it goes. Try it.


Welcome Andres!

Hi Andres,
Patton was definitely playing out of an F position.  In the scheme you suggest the pitch of the sixth string, first fret is not available, due to the capo placement.  It is awkward in F, but that's where he played it.
All best,

I play this song in F position for years and never thought about using a capo and change the key.

It is quite easy to play the Bb just doing a barre chord with your ring finger
I just use F - C7 and this Bb and I think it works.
It is probably a little bit more difficult with the right hand work if you want to bang the body of the guitar at the same time as you fingerpick the strings
Obviously needs a little bit of practice but very much enjoying ... when you reach the goal
Try to avoid to dig a hole in the body of the guitar if you use banjo fingerpicks...

All the best

Yves "the froggy backdoorman" 

Patton Lives!:
I want to keep it short...

Any info. on "Spoonful Blues"?  I know it's a "slide tune" and all, but what about the tuning that he's using on it?  Also, could someone tab the chords out or something?  I have trouble hearing what he's doing.


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