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hi friends,

can anyone help me with the little song at the end of "Atlanta Strut" i cant make sense of the words..

prettiest girl in atlanta come steppin up to my door
she hugged me and she kissed me, called me sugarlump
???? like a grapevine round the stump


Just from memory, I think the last line is:

Threw her arms around me like a grapevine 'round a stump.

Can't remember the first line.
All for now.
John C.

I hear this:

Went up on the Kennesaw Mountain
Gave my horn a blow
Prettiest girl in Atlanta
Come steppin' up to my door
Hugged me and she kissed me
Called me sugar lump
Throwed them sweet arms around me
Like a grapevine 'round a stump

"Went up on the mountain/gave my horn a blow" appears frequently in the lyrics of blues and old-time songs.  I love the way BWM puts a little personal touch on the floating couplet.

I'd go with that, except I think he does it in one hit as one line -

"Throwed them sweet arms around me like a grapevine 'round a stump"

I've been workin' this song up on my 12 lately. Thanks in part to Ernie Hawkins' great video, but there's still some good stuff to work out, especialy since Blind Willie recorded three different versions. Lyrics-wise, I'm gonna stick to the first version. The lyrics, and some great lyrics they are, are pretty clear in Willie's nasal Georgian accent except for one line that he sings really fast. Even slowed down I'm having trouble making sense of what I'm hearing. I even have Bob McLeod's take on it, but it doesn't make a lot of sense so I'm not gonna tell you what it is so it doesn't cloud your mind like it has mine. I'm talking about the fifth verse, not counting the "Lordy, Lordy" choruses, about 1:56 in.
First two lines are:

?Don't you hear me, baby, (knock, knock, knock) rappin on your door?
?Don't you hear your daddy, (knock, knock, knock) rappin on your door?

I give it up to the Weenie Campbell Group Consciousness.
All for now.
John C.


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