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Pickup for my republic resonator


hi, I own a republic resonator, it was one of my greatest buys so far (my next project is a Gibson or martin) but I have issues of sound when I play shows at my local clubs. The clubs have sound techs who aren't really that good, and I end up having to play real hard with my fingers to get a sound on my resonator. I ended up buying an acoustic electric guitar for a louder sound, and it does the trick. I am looking for a good pickup for my resonator and so far I've come across a Myers pickup, and they are $169. I want to know what you guys recommend for a pickup? 

Do you use picks? I can make my Reso's very loud with picks.
That Myers pickup looks to be the best one to me, i might pick one up too. The resonator is kinda hard to amplify without it sounding like just another electric, if that is the sound you're after though then you have way more choices. Here's a cool demo of the Myers by RJ Ronquillo.

You might want to check the sixtus and highlander as well, I don't play my republic much but I frequent res forums and these two brands have positive comments. 


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