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Thanks, ya the cello is great because it could take wonderful leads or it can sound very juggy but precise. John I’ve decided to try and take on “shortnin bread” by leecan and cooksey, but boy is it shaping up to be a tough cookie. Amazing how it sounds definitely like one of their easiest tunes and it’s still stomping me. Granted I am trying to do the harmonica and the guitar part at the same time. Gonna end up having to sacrifice some of the complexities . What is up with that ending though?  that is like the craziest barrage of notes I’ve ever heard I have no idea where to even start with that ending also I will have to change the lyrics a bit because I’m not gonna sing those outdated lyrics here’s what I got so far.
                                                       Shortnin bread:
“see the picaninny laying in the bed he’ll(?) crack open that shortnin bread, I love my shortnin,shortnin I love my shortnin bread x2.”

“I like hot I like it cold I like it if it’s warm or bold, I love my shortnin shortnin I love my shortnin bread x2”

   “Cows in the cow pen the hogs are fed, front of the house get my lovin shortnin bread, I love my shortnin shortnin I love my shortnin bread x2”

This is a very cool song I love all the different things happening all at once through out it all. Taylor(the cellist) got the cello break already and it’s sounding pretty good. I figure I’ll just change that line to maybe “see that little baby laying in the bed”. Still pretty difficult to play both parts so I’ll keep working on it for while until I feel I’ve adapted a suitable version. I think Bobby leecan is the root of all my fears it keeps me up at night. Let me know if you have any suggestions on figuring out the ending I can hear the harmonica part pretty good but there is something funny happening with that guitar.

Hi crustypicker,
Bobby Leecan is working out of C position in standard tuning for "Shortnin' Bread". He likes to walk down on the sixth string to the low E note, he keeps doing that. When he hits a C# in the bass, which suggests a C#dim7 chord, I believe he is just moving his C chord position up one fret intact--Pink Anderson did the very same thing in similar contexts. As for the concluding run, I wouldn't worry about it, unless you have your heart set on playing it. It's kind of a "gimmick" run. You could make up anything that suggested a diminished 7 arpeggio and it would have much the same sound. Best of luck with the tune.
All best,


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