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The LoudCity TuneIn page works fine for me.... on an iPhone and using Safari to access.

What App are you trying to use?  How is Sonos getting the stream - through Shoutcast listing?

Bill Roggensack:
I wonder if it is being blocked into Canada? I'm using TuneIn on the iPhone, and Sonos uses their app too.

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Bill Roggensack:
It streams just fine from LoudCity directly, but TuneIn encounters a streaming error, whether on iPhone, iPad, or Sonos.

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From the LoudCity rules:
All listeners must be directed from your website (if you have one) to the LoudCity website in order to listen to the stream. This is because our license covers performing music on our domain, but not on yours.

This would suggest that access can only be via the LoudCity website and not thorough other streaming servers/aggregators.
There was also an announcement in February that LoudCity was closing due to finances, although it seems that they are currently in discussions with someone to keep the service running.

But I could be completly wrong!

Looks like LoudCity has given up the ghost, their site now just explains to the broadcaster some rules about licensing and recommends a site,, that will provide that service for the broadcaster. Weenie Campbell's Juke Radio cannot be found on that site.  I will really miss this station, does anyone know if there is a plan to keep it broadcasting?


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