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Hi John & Lightnin',
Sally Jo was written by Doug (and brother Rusty, I believe). They were stars on the Louisiana Hayride and had joined the Opry in 1957. Doug was kicking around Nashville playing odd jobs and the Opry while waiting to go into military service in early '58. Monroe was aware of the Kershaws and their popularity and hired Doug for a session at the end of 1957. The three tracks he played guitar on, Sally Jo, Breaking In a Brand New Pair of Shoes, and A Lonesome Road to Travel filled out the Knee Deep album. Sally Jo and Brand New Shoes were released on a single as well. Brand New Shoes has a heavy beat too.
Kershaw's rhythm reminds me of Monroe's guitar rhythm on the original recording of Muleskinner Blues from 1939--very much pre-R&R

Thanks, Lightnin' and Bruce, for the additional information and insight as to how Bill Monroe came to record "Sally Jo" and employ the unusual personnel in his band (Doug Kershaw on guitar). It's nice to get the context filled out a bit.
All best,

Hi all,
Here is a wonderful in-performance version of "Rocks And Gravel" by John Jackson. The filming of his picking hand is really instructive. Note how he opens the song doing down-up brush strokes with his index finger of the Lemon Jefferson A lick up the neck. Lots of fantastic thumb lead playing, too. Boy, was he under-rated, he's doing precisely what he's trying to do and just killing it.

All best,

Parlor Picker:
This is well worth a watch and listen:

i demand a finger count!


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